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FVAD Academic Studies (FASt) provides specialized education in Mission for both Canadian and international students.  With the support of the Mission Public School District and in partnership with Summit Learning Centre’s Distributed Learning (DL) Program and Mission’s International Student Program, FASt enables students to complete their academic schooling, leading to a high school diploma, in supervised morning sessions while participating in FVAD’s intensive Pre-Professional Academy (PPA).  While specifically designed for those attending the FVAD Pre-Professional Academy (PPA), other students are also welcome to participate in the FASt program.

Distributed Learning (DL)

Distributed Learning (DL) programs are funded by the BC Ministry of Education to enable flexible learning options which satisfy the BC Curriculum, leading to a Dogwood Diploma, for students outside of the regular school environment.  Using district-approved resources, students complete their coursework and BC Provincial testing, receiving ongoing assessments and report cards.

DL programs are:

  • Supervised by a BC-certified teacher
  • Required to meet provincial standards
  • Inspected by the Ministry of Education

Further Information:

Working with the highly successful Summit Learning Centre DL program, FASt students follow a teacher-directed personalized Student Learning Plan to complete their required courses under the direction of BC-certified teachers, in collaboration with parents.  Summit holds twice weekly tutorials for students in grades 8 to 12 on site at Summit.  For the international student, additional private tutors and ELL language sessions as well as Homestay Parent educational support are available.  (Additional fees apply)

Classroom Support

In addition to the academic programs being under the direction of Summit teachers, who provide guidance, direction and support in the implementation of the DL program, FVAD supports the students DL program by providing supervised sessions weekday mornings between 8:30am and 12:00pm at local designated learning facilities before beginning their PPA training at FVAD at 1pm.  Each morning session is overseen by an FVAD in-class supervisor.

Students must be organized and highly motivated to participate.  These classroom sessions allow students to complete their academic studies, but are not part of the Summit DL program, nor are they supervised by Summit staff.

For PPA students in Grades 5 to 7, Summit’s Distributed Learning Program is combination of online courses and guided paper-based study.  For PPA students in Grades 8 to 12, Summit’s Distributed Learning program offers a complete online learning experience.

Learning Plans

The FASt Learning Plans are developed under consultation with Summit Learning Centre to support the demands of FVAD’s rigorous training.  Unlike a traditional academic school environment where students must work within that school’s set schedule for lesson plans, homework and tests, FASt Learning Plans are coordinated with the FVAD calendar.  During intensive rehearsal and performance periods, for example, when students will have less time available to work on academics, study requirements are reduced.  In between these periods, learning expectations are raised.

While FASt students are also able to accelerate their studies, they are still required to meet all of the learning outcomes as designed by the B.C. Ministry of Education.

Additional Learning Experiences

In addition to FASt classroom-based learning, students attend weekly in-person tutoring sessions with the BC-certified teachers at Summit Learning Centre.  Additional group events, field trips and learning experiences with other Summit Learning Centre students are also available to all FASt students through Summit Learning Centre’s ArtSmarts program.

Further information:

FASt international students may also participate in field trips and events organized by Mission’s International Student Program, such as trips to Victoria, Seattle and Whistler.  (Additional fees will apply.)  These are a wonderful opportunity to experience more of the area’s beautiful surroundings, as well as interact with the many other international students who come to Mission each year.  FASt international students also take part in the August orientation offered by the International Student Program, designed to welcome international students to Mission and to help them adjust to living in Canada.

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FVAD Academic Studies Summary

FVAD Academic Studies provides an exceptional learning experience for FVAD Pre-Professional Academy students and other highly-focussed students, offering a complete academic curriculum leading to a high school diploma, approved by the BC Ministry of Education and supported by BC-certified teachers.  Specifically designed to integrate with FVAD’s intensive training, FASt incorporates the very best aspects of both Summit Learning Centre’s Distributed Learning program and Mission’s International Student Program.

Additional Notes

Medical Coverage for FASt International Students

As required by the FVAD Homestay Program, all international students must hold medical insurance with GuardMe or an equivalent pre-approved agency.  Any students living in BC over 3 months will be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) by the Mission International Student Program.

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From the Summit Learning Centre website:

Distributed Learning leads to a British Columbia Dogwood graduation diploma.  Regular submission of assignments and assessment by their Summit Learning Centre teacher ensures that students know that they are on the right track.   Their teachers ensure that the activities and assignments submitted show evidence of each student’s progress towards the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for their course or grade. 

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