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When can students register? January 1, 2016

Existing students can register for the next school year as soon as the schedule is available and pre-approved classes have been completed. This normally occurs by April 15. New students can...

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When is the new schedule available?

The new schedule is available by April 15 for the new school year's classes. Producing the schedule is a complicated task as it can involve coordinating with the schedules of other...

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How to Enrol in a Class

There are several options available for enrolling in a class: Enrol in a Class Online Enrol in a Pre-Approved Class. Enrol at the FVAD Office The first two options allow you...

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How to log in to your FVAD Online Account

Login to your FVAD Online Account by clicking Login, also found on our website. The email address we have on account for you is your login email if you have forgotten your...

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What are Pre-Approved Classes?

Pre-approved classes make life easier for everyone!   With Pre-Approved classes, there is no guessing which classes to take next, or which new class a student might be able to try...

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Happy Holidays! December 25, 2015

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season, from all of us at the Academy!

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