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Dress Code

To truly evaluate the technical progress of each student, and to develop discipline necessary for performing arts, proper dress code attire is required. Students not adhering to the dress code may be asked to sit out of class.

What is a Dress Code?

Please review our Parent Pointers blog post on dress codes for further information:

Where to buy

Dance-wear can be purchased at the FVADance Shop – Online and at the office.  Second-hand items are also available to purchase at the office.  All items may also be purchased at any retail outlet as long as they are in our Dress Codes – Approved Brands list (see below).

If you have any questions at all about the required uniform items, what they are or where to purchase them, please ask at the FVAD Office. We understand that this is a completely new vocabulary to many parents, and we are here to help you.

What to wear

Refer to our Class Dress Codes for details on each class.  *NEW* dress codes for Advanced Ballet and Intermediate Ballet, and Grades 4 and 6 Ballet for 2017-18.  Other ballet grades will have new dress codes for 2018-19.

Once enrolled in a class, a Class Information Sheet for that class is also available to view from your online account using the View Class Documents link.

Accepted brands

View our Dress Codes – Approved Brands list on our Class Dress Codes page if you wish to purchase your items outside of the school.  Be sure that you purchase the accepted attire!

Exam & Additional Class attire

Character Shoes: Students in Grades 1 to 5 require a shoe with a heel for all character lessons and optional RAD examinations. Stamping and beating heels in soft shoes can lead to injuries.

Character Skirts: Students in Grades 1 to 5 require a full circular skirt for character lessons.  FVAD has skirts to borrow for class.  Cotton or similar fabric is recommended.  The length of  the skirt should be 1-2 inches below the knee.

RAD Examinations: Examinations are optional.  Students who are to be entered for RAD Examinations for ballet require a recommended RAD Regulation uniform.  All of our class uniforms have been approved for examinations.

ISTD Examinations: Examinations are optional.  Students who are to be entered for ISTD Examinations for Tap or Modern will require specific dance wear for exams.   All of our class uniforms have been approved for examinations.

Please note that RAD and ISTD Examinations are optional, and submission for exams is done only on the approval of FVAD.  FVAD provides internal assessments based on ISTD and RAD syllabus for all students in the Fall and Winter terms to determine when they may be promoted to the next level in the school regardless of formal examinations.

Lost and Found

FVAD maintains a lost-and-found and holds items found for several months.  Items unclaimed in lost-and-found after extended periods will be donated to charity.  FVAD cannot be held responsible for any items lost at the school or at any performance.  It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that each student arrives and leaves with all of their belongings.  We strongly suggest not bringing valuables to the school or the performances. Please put name tags all of your dance wear.  Remember that everyone is wearing the same items!

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