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Academic Studies


FVAD partners with local public and private schools to provide academic studies for international students.  We no longer offer in-house academic options.

With the support of international programs at local private and public schools, as well as the Summit Learning Centre’s Distributed Learning (DL) Program of the Mission Public School District, students may complete their academic schooling, leading to a high school diploma.

Academic Options

International or out-of-town students wishing to attend FVAD while completing their academic schooling should apply to the international student programs of local private or public schools.  Homestay families will be assigned to ensure support for FVAD training is provided.

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Additional Notes

Medical Coverage for International Students

All international students must hold medical insurance with GuardMe or an equivalent pre-approved agency.  Any students living in BC over 3 months will be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) by the Mission International Student Program.

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