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Rates & Fees

At our Academy, we have no hidden costs: no costume fees, no choreography fees, no rehearsal fees. All costs for participating in our performances throughout the year are included in the tuition or listed up-front in our School Fees.

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Class Tuition Rates and School Fees

All costs for participating in our annual school performances are included in your tuition, including costumes and rehearsals.  Taxes are also included in the listed rates unless otherwise noted.

The following PDF lists the class tuition rates and school fees payable during the year.

Tuition is now calculated on a weekly basis rather than an annual one.  This ensures that families only pay for actual class time, and never for holiday closures.

Students enrolled on Mondays, for example, have fewer classes in the year and so should pay a lower tuition.

Using a weekly tuition charge, families will now pay less over the year if enrolled in Monday classes than the other days, reflecting the fewer classes.  Mondays have 35 classes, whereas other days have 39 classes in the year.

In addition, the months with holiday closures (winter and spring break) are now charged only for the weeks with classes. Students are not charged tuition during Nutcracker Production Week unless their class is in session.

While this removes the convenience of equal monthly payments, it provides a more accurate and fair tuition for every family through the year.

Our Musical Theatre School has a fixed fee for the core four classes required.

Our Pre-School Dance Sessions have a fixed fee for each session of 11 to 13 weeks.

Our Pre-Professional Academy has a fixed monthly fee which covers all of the Academy classes from 1pm-3:30pm, as well as unlimited ballet, contemporary, tap and modern classes outside of the Academy class hours.  All costume, choreography and rehearsal costs are included in the PPA monthly fee.

Visit our Resources page for downloadable forms and information sheets.