Children’s Choirs

Children’s Choirs

Choir letters on clothes pegs with lights Image[ON HOLD] The FVAD Children’s Choirs provide a forum for children who enjoy singing and are prepared for the challenge of developing their ability whilst having fun!

Under the inspirational guidance and expertise of Choir Master Mr. Alexander McCune, the FVAD Children’s Choirs provide opportunities for all abilities within three choir levels:

  • FVAD Training Choirs
  • FVAD Concert Choir
  • FVAD Chamber Choir
Children’s Choirs are not offered this year – we hope to continue next school year

FVAD Children’s Choirs

What do the FVAD Children’s Choirs offer to students?

  • A chance to have the very best possible introduction to singing at the highest level in a range of singing styles.
  • A forum for children who enjoy singing and are prepared for the challenge of developing their ability whilst having fun!
  • Tutoring to develop pitch, tone and sense of rhythm.
  • Development of choral discipline, in stature, attitude, behaviour and vocals.
  • Encouragement for children to learn to read music, while working towards memorable performances.
  • A process that is both educational and enjoyable.
  • Teamwork, choral blend and musicianship.
  • Discussions to understand the emotional content and meaning of songs.
  • Enhanced understanding of the harmonic structure of music.
  • Exposure to a wide range of music, from Sacred to Classical, from Folk Songs to Musical Theatre.
  • Opportunities for children to develop their musicality and singing experience, with fun and friendship!

What do the FVAD Children’s Choirs require from students?

  • A high level of commitment to rehearsals and training.
  • A desire to learn, to improve, and to develop their vocal skills.
  • An advanced level of discipline and focus.
  • A natural understanding of importance of good behaviour and etiquette.
  • An ability to work well with others.
  • An interest in listening to each other, to be aware of other parts.
  • A basic joy of music and song!

FVAD Training Choirs

  • FVAD Junior Training Choir – ages 7 to 11 – boys & girls – no experience required
  • FVAD Senior Training Choir – ages 12 to 18 – boys & girls – no experience required

The FVAD Training Choirs provide students with a wonderful opportunity to develop their musicianship in a non-pressured training environment, allowing time for their voices to change naturally whilst still learning and rehearsing. Members study a selection of repertoire designed to support their musical and singing development throughout the year.

For many of the children, it will be their first experience of choral singing and so a key part of rehearsals is introducing the choir to choral discipline; this encompasses correct posture, general behaviour, and observing the conductor, in addition to encouraging good vocal technique, voice production and blending within the choir.

FVAD Training Choirs provide students with a range of training, varied in level to accommodate the different abilities of students.  Students will learn to read music or advance their existing skills, develop their vocal techniques, and learn to sing in parts while developing their passion for singing.

As Mr McCune specializes in teaching sight-singing, also known as music note reading, every student will learn how to sing by sight-reading music, recognizing notes and knowing their sounds.

The musical selections range from sacred to folk song to musical theatre – and everything else in between!

FVAD Concert Choir

The FVAD Concert Choir offers the more advanced members of the FVAD Training Choirs an exciting opportunity to participate in a performance choir.  FVAD Concert Choir members are selected by invitation of the Choir Master from the FVAD Senior Training Choir.  In exceptional circumstances, members of the FVAD Junior Training Choir may also be invited to the FVAD Concert Choir.

Working on a wide range of challenging repertoire, FVAD Concert Choir members are expected to sight read to a moderate level and pick up the music quickly.  An extremely high level of choral discipline is expected from the choristers, who are developing a number of skills including team work, choral blend and musicianship.

A high level of focus is needed in their rehearsals, during which emphasis is placed on retaining their vocal technique and posture in order that the voice is not harmed by physical lack of strength and stamina.

An integral part of the choir’s training is discussion of the emotional content and the meaning of the words, in order to facilitate communication with the listener.  It is also important that the members are able to work as a team, listening to each other and being aware of other parts, and the harmonic structure of the music.

FVAD Chamber Choir

The FVAD Chamber Choir offers the most advanced choir members an extraordinary opportunity to work on highly challenging repertoire in a small elite performance ensemble.

FVAD Chamber Choir members are selected by invitation of the Choir Master from the FVAD Concert Choir.  Members are required to sight read to an advanced level, and will have very strong vocal technique.

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