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FVAD Re-opening Plan May 18, 2020

Following guidance available in BC, we have set out our FVAD Re-Opening Plan Phases 1-4.

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How to enrol in date-specific classes July 5, 2020

For July and August 2020, we are offering pay-as-you-go, date-specific classes to allow the most flexibility over the summer weeks. Learn how to enrol.

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Dress codes 2020-21 June 29, 2020

To simplify interactions at the school, we have also simplified our dress codes 2020-21.

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Re-Opening Phase 3: In-Studio Classes June 28, 2020

We are now preparing for our Re-Opening Phase 3: in-studio classes. Phase 3 allows for up to 4 students per class starting July 6.

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Re-Opening Phase 2 – Semi-Private Lessons June 21, 2020

Space is still available for in-studio private and semi-private lessons. Book yours today – before they’re all gone!

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Re-Opening Phase 2 – Two-Studio Private Lessons June 18, 2020

Our in-studio private lessons in two studios using our Phase 2 Safety Protocols is going very well. Semi-privates are next!

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Re-Opening Phase 2 – In-Studio Private Lessons June 13, 2020

The first week of in-studio private lessons using our Phase 2 Safety Protocols has gone very well!

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