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Class Dress Codes

Dress codes are an essential aspect of any reputable performing arts school.  Please review the Class Information Sheets below to be sure you are properly prepared before your first class.

The purpose of Dress Codes

For general information on why we have dress codes, please read our Parent Pointers blog posts:

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Purchasing your Dress Code

Items listed in each Class Information Sheet are available to purchase at the Academy. If purchasing items at other retail outlets, please be sure to match the styles and colours of our recommended brands.  By maintaining a list of products, we ensure that our families only purchase what is acceptable attire for their classes.

Purchasing elsewhere?  Check our Dress Code – Approved Brands 

Class Information Sheets

Our Class Information Sheets provide information on dress codes, class details, pre-requisites and payments.

Classical Ballet School



  • All levels: Ballet dress code plus black shorts
    • Ankle socks or dance paws

Modern + Jazz

  • All levels: Ballet dress code plus black shorts
    • Levels 1-4: Black jazz shoes
    • Levels 5-10: Ankle socks or dance paws

National Dance

Summer Programs

  • For Summer 2021 – please wear dress code of 2020-21 or 2021-22.
  • Summer Ballet Intensives
  • Summer Junior Workshop
  • Summer Tiny Tots
  • Summer Musicals Camp