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Class Dress Codes

Dress codes are an essential aspect of any reputable performing arts school.  Please review the Class Information Sheets below to be sure you are properly prepared before your first class.

The purpose of Dress Codes

For general information on why we have dress codes, please read our Parent Pointers blog posts:

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Purchasing your Dress Code

Items listed in each Class Information Sheet are available to purchase at the Academy. If purchasing items at other retail outlets, please be sure to match the styles and colours of our recommended brands.  By maintaining a list of products, we ensure that our families only purchase what is acceptable attire for their classes.

Purchasing elsewhere?  Check our Dress Code – Approved Brands

(updated brands list coming soon)

Class Information Sheets

Our Class Information Sheets provide information on dress codes, class details, pre-requisites and payments.


  • Girls: neat ballet buns, stretch-fabric hairband (pink, blue or black) for shorter hair.
  • Boys: hair neat and off face, using hairband if needed.
  • No nail polish.
  • No dangling earrings.  Studs or small loops only.
  • No Jewellery or hair accessories.

  • Ballet levels 5-10 may wear short black wrap skirts in ballet class.  No shorts please.

  • Dance wrap sweaters and leg warmers may be worn for warm-up.
  • FVAD-logo black t-shirts will be worn in Contemporary class.

All items needed for classes are available to purchase through the office, except pointe shoes.

Ballet (new info sheets coming soon!)

As our leotard supplier, Motionwear, closed during the pandemic, we are transitioning to Wear Moi leotards for 2023-24.


  • Ballet class leotard
  • Ballet convertible tights
  • Ballet bun
  • Ballet slippers (pre-pointe) or Pointe shoes
  • Theraband Red-medium or Green-heavy (latex-free available at office)
  • Golf ball or foot roller
  • Toe elastic (hair elastic used for toe exercises)
  • Perfect Pointe Book (discounted price at office)


  • Ballet class leotard
  • Ballet convertible tights
  • Black fitted shorts
  • Black ankle socks (view style available at office)
  • Black FVAD t-shirt (pre-order at office)
  • Low Braid (can wrap into ballet bun if ballet class is before or after)

ISTD Modern

  • Ballet class leotard
  • Ballet convertible tights
  • Ballet bun
  • (shoes to be confirmed)


  • Ballet class leotard
  • Ballet convertible tights
  • Black fitted shorts (aka boy-shorts)
  • Ballet bun
  • Turning shoes (Hanami Pirouettes)

PBT Conditioning

National Dance

Summer Programs

  • For July 2023 summer lessons – students may wear dress code of 2022-23 or as noted below
  • Summer Ballet Intensives
    • Plain solid-colour leotard of any style with ballet tights and ballet slippers
    • Short chiffon-type wrap skirts are optional for ballet classes.
    • Bring ankle socks, t-shirt/hoodie for floor work, resistance band for dance-fit class
    • Shorts are optional for dance-fit, modern/contemporary classes.
  • Summer Juniors & Tiny Tots
    • Any style leotard with ballet tights and ballet slippers
    • Shorts/Leggings with fitted tops and bare feet if without dance-wear
    • Ballet skirts/tutus are optional.