Musical Theatre School

Musical Theatre School

Musical Theatre Student[ON HOLD] The Musical Theatre School prepares students for performances in Musicals and other West End and Broadway style shows with former professional stage performers and musical directors.

For the “triple threat” students, the Musical Theatre School offers a Musicals Program with Broadway Dance, Vocal Studies, Acting, and Musical productions, as well as Technique Classes in Modern Theatre Dance, Jazz, and Musical Theatre.


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Musicals Program

FVAD offers students the exciting opportunity to perform in a Musical Production every year at the Clarke Theatre. Join the Musicals Program to Sing! Dance! Act!


The Musicals program is divided into Junior and Senior Divisions.  Each division in the Musical Theatre School has a required set of core classes, as well as optional audition-based classes.

Presenting Peter Pan Jr for on May 9, 2020!

  • Our Junior and Senior Divisions performed Disney’s Aladdin Jr in May 2016, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast Jr in April 2017, Lionel Bart’s Oliver! in April 2018, and Mary Poppins Jr in April 2020.

Core classes

Showtime! – Showtime! is the core rehearsal class for the Musical Theatre School’s musical production. All students enrolled in Acting, Chorus or Leads, Chorus Choreography or Musical Dancers attend this class to learn the musical and put it all together.

Acting – The Acting class develops the acting element of the Musical Theatre School’s musical production In these classes students receive training in multiple techniques of stage acting. Disciplines covered may include monologue, dialogue and group script analysis, classical text, improvisation techniques and scene study.

Chorus – The Chorus class prepares students for the chorus element of the Musical Theatre School’s musical production. Individuals will enjoy the opportunity to train in an ensemble atmosphere using music that can range from classical to jazz, rock and show music. The emphasis is placed on developing musical team building skills, technique, and fun.

Chorus Choreography – Chorus Choreography is the dance and movement class for the Musical Theatre School’s musical production. Students who are not selected for Musical Dancers, or choose not to audition, will learn all of the dance steps needed for the musical. This class exposes students to contemporary, modern, jazz and Broadway dance styles.

Classes by Audition

Musical Leads – Musical Leads is for those students registered for Musical Theatre School who are accepted by audition to perform the main characters or lead roles in the musical production. Students may or may not have had prior vocal or acting training. Musical Leads will also attend Chorus class.

Musical Dancers – Musical Dancers are those students registered for Musical Theatre School who are accepted by audition, having already trained in dance to a certain level. They will form the dance corps for the musical. Musical Dancers are not required to attend Chorus Choreography.

Technique Classes

Within the Musical Theatre School, FVAD provides students with opportunities to train in one-hour Musical Theatre classes for those students wishing to take Musical Theatre without the commitment required for the full Musicals Program.  In addition, there is technique training in Jazz and Modern Theatre Dance including the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing curriculum.

Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance prepares students for the demanding and varied dance styles required in musical theatre productions such as those found on Broadway and in the West End.

  • The ISTD curriculum adapts, develops and evolves with the changing fashion of dance styles in theatre productions.
  • Through a carefully planned and well-tried examination syllabus, which combines modern dance, jazz and other dance styles, students are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance.
  • By maintaining close ties with the profession the ISTD Faculty ensures that the syllabi reflect the trends in the theatre.
  • Due to its reliance on classical ballet technique and vocabulary, students enrolling in ISTD Modern Theatre Dance require ballet.
  • Students will perform a Modern Theatre Dance number in our Annual School Performance in June.


Jazz is a uniquely North American dance form. Danced to contemporary music, as with tap and modern theatre dance, it help dancers develop strong rhythmic sense and style.

  • Jazz training for younger students teaches the basic movement fundamentals and terminology of Jazz dance, enhancing a beginning student’s flexibility, strength, body alignment, coordination, and balance through Jazz technique.
  • Students next build a foundation of skills necessary for the technique and performance of Jazz dance.
  • The more advanced classes further develop technique for more advanced dance artistry, including mobility, musicality, and style.
  • As jazz is a stylized dance form based on ballet and modern technique, ballet training is strongly encouraged for all levels, and required for Jazz 2 and above.
  • Students will perform a jazz number in our Annual School Performance in June.

Musical Theatre Classes

Our one-hour Musical Theatre classes allow students to enjoy musical theatre training without the commitment needed for our full Musicals Program.  Sing! Act! Dance! for one hour each week.

  • Students will learn basic stage performance techniques of acting, singing and dancing as a group.
  • Students will learn age-appropriate roles, stories and characters from musical productions, such as Mary Poppins, Annie, Cats, Footloose and Fiddler on the Roof.
  • The classes will also better prepare students to join our full Musicals program in the future.
  • There is no Ballet requirement for these classes.
  • Students will perform a Musical Theatre number in our Annual School Performance in June.

Musical Theatre classes, as well as ISTD Tap and Modern Theatre Dance classes, are charged at the hourly rates specified for the Classical Ballet School.  View our Rates & Fees for further information.

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examination boards. From ballet to ballroom, the ISTD has 12 dance faculties covering theatre, dancesport and social dance. No other dance examination board offers as many genres. For more than 110 years, the ISTD has provided training for dance teachers and examiners, enabling teachers to enter their students for examinations, develop new techniques and spread the joy of dance.

Why Musical Theatre?

It has been said that Musical Theatre is the only art form that brings all the arts together as one. And it offers so much more…

  • Musical Theatre creates a sense of self-esteem, teaches self-discipline and team work, and develops self-confidence in every child.
  • Musical Theatre exposes students to earlier styles of popular music.
  • Musical Theatre encourages creative problem solving, and provides a sense of both individual and group accomplishment throughout the cast.
  • Musical Theatre teaches children how to work together with others of varying age, experience and ability.
  • Musical Theatre helps to develop techniques in both music and drama.
  • Musical Theatre offers many diverse roles, allowing each child to identify and develop individual strengths in one area or in many areas.
  • Vocal studies and Acting classes in particular help to build confidence, stage presence and theatricality, while developing skills in presentation, interpretation and character development.

Our Musical Theatre School provides all of this, giving students a strong base from which to consider a future in the demanding world of commercial theatre, where the “Triple Threat” (singing, acting and dancing) is so essential.  Assistance with audition preparation for Performing Arts Colleges is also available.

And more simply put….

“Because who doesn’t want a world where everyone breaks into song & dance?!”

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