Irina Lavrova

Irina Lavrova

Ms Irina Lavrova, a prima ballerina for 18 years, was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She started dancing recreationally at the age of four. It quickly became apparent that she had a gift for ballet and at the age of ten, Irina auditioned for Kiev State Choreographic School. Her talent allowed her an immediate acceptance into the professional ballet school.  Out of 300 applicants she was one of 30 to be chosen. During her eight years of study, she received professional training in character dance and ballroom dance, with the main focus in ballet. While being a full time student, she also graduated from an academic and music school.

In her last two years of ballet training, she had the good fortune to be taught by Galina Kyrilova who was one of the last students of the famous Agrippina Vaganova. By the time she reached the age of eighteen, Irina graduated from Kiev Choreographic Academy with honors.

After graduating, Ms. Lavrova left her home town and moved to Odessa, Ukraine where she was invited to dance with the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre.  She began dancing as a soloist, and shortly became a principal dancer where she performed the most famous classical ballets known today. Some of the ballets include: Nut Cracker, Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, and many more. During her eighteen year dancing career, Irina toured with her dance company in Europe, Asia, and North America. At one point in her career she danced one of the two main rolls in the ballet Giselle with the famous Canadian star, Evelyn Hart.

During the last five years of her professional dancing career, Ms. Lavrova started teaching her techniques at a local ballet school. She loved dancing so much, that she wanted to give her knowledge and experience to young children who had as much passion for ballet as she did.

In 1995, Irina and her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Miss Irina was soon teaching ballet in her new country. She opened her own dance studio in Langley, where she has been teaching ballet in the Vaganova method.

In 2000, she decided to prepare herself for a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certificate. The program lasted for four years. In 2004, Irina successfully completed the RAD program and received her teaching certificate with Merit. During these successful years she prepared many students for festivals, exams, and auditions. In addition, her years of experience allowed her to become an exceptional choreographer.

Irina’s vast knowledge and passion for ballet allows her to welcome and teach students of all ages. She will continue to teach and to inspire her students as long as the love for ballet stays alive in her heart.

Enjoy these video of Ms. Lavrova as a professional dancer…