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Class Schedules

Find your next dance or musical class with our printable class schedules as well as searchable online class schedules.

School Year – Class Schedules

View the printable version of our full class schedule including Pre-School dance classes, Classical Ballet School and Musical Theatre School classes.

FVAD Printable Class Schedule 2018-19 (updated November 19, 2018) 

View the online class schedules for any active season, including all Classical Ballet School, Musical Theatre School and Pre-School classes.  Pre-School and Musical Theatre classes can be viewed directly in the following sections.

Please note that only currently-enrolled students are only able to view their Pre-Approved classes for a new school year between April 1 and May 1 when registration opens to new students.  All classes will be visible to everyone from May 1.  Before May 1, please use the Printable Schedule to view the full schedule for the next school year.

Pre-School Dances Sessions – Class Schedules

View the online class schedules for the upcoming Pre-School Dance sessions of September to November, January to March and April to June.

Pre-School Dance (Sep-Nov) 2018 Online Schedule

Pre-School Dance (Jan-Mar) 2019 Online Schedule

Pre-School Dance (Apr-Jun) 2019 Online Schedule

Musical Theatre School – Class Schedules

View the online class schedule just for our Musicals Program (including vocal coaching, acting, showtime, dance, and choreography), and for our individual Musical Theatre classes.

Musical Theatre Classes 2018-19

Summertime – Class Schedules

View the online class schedule for all of our Summer sessions

View the printable schedule for each week of the Summer 2018 sessions:

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Jul 9-13)

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Jul 16-20)

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Aug 7-11)

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Aug 13-17)

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Aug 20-24)

Printable Summertime Schedule 2018 (Aug 27-31)