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Why do we have a Dress Code?

July 20, 2016

For Discipline

An important aspect of dance training is the development of discipline which begins with students arriving on time for their classes neatly presented in the proper attire and appearance.

For Unity

Dress codes also create unity among the students, much like a school uniform policy, instead of causing a few students to stand out.  As with any academic school class uniform, properly selected dance class attire helps to minimize distractions, and give classes a unified look.


For Work

The class uniform is a student’s work attire.  Students are in class to train, not to display the latest fashions.  Adding higher-cut legs, over-styled backs, jewels or glitter transforms this simple work-wear into fashion-wear. This immediately distinguishes one student from the others, removing that student from the uniformity of the class.

For Less Distraction

Dress codes assist the dance teacher who must continually mentally note and identify corrections needed from numerous steps and movements being executed by many students simultaneously.  The uniformity of a dress code ensures that the teacher is not unnecessary distracted by items such as fly-away hair or differences in students appearance.

Gr 3-4 Ballet Uniform

For Reduced Cost

By identifying a specific dress code for each class, parents do not feel pressured to purchase more and more trendy or fashionable attire for their children.

For Respect

Showing respect for our art in conduct as well as a dress code helps foster the required discipline it takes to learn a classical art.

The Fraser Valley Academy of Dance dress codes have been specifically selected to ensure uniformity, simplicity and cost-effectiveness, as well as to present a traditional and classic appearance.

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