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How to enrol in Live Classes

May 12, 2020

We hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.  As BC begins to phase in the re-opening of businesses, we are aware that fitness facilities such as ours will remain closed for some time to come.  With that in mind, we are now moving into our next phase of online tuition-based learning.

Live Classes online have begun!  

Learn how to enrol in live classes in 5 easy steps….

1. View the schedule online

      Private lessons will be available soon – to be booked in 30 minute blocks.

2. Log in to our online customer system

    Remember you can always find the link to Login or Signup at

3. Enrol in your Live Classes

  • To enrol in the Live Class, select the Season “Live Classes 2020”
  • Select your class, on the date you wish (use the calendar arrows to scroll back and forth)
  • Once you select a class on a date, you will be shown the list of all other dates available.
  • Select all of the dates you wish to take the class
    • You don’t need to select them all now – you can always add more later.

4. Pay for your Live Classes

  • Classes are payable as drop-ins at $20 per hour ($10/30min, $15/45min).
    1. Single-class charges allow families the option of adding in a Live Class, while using the Remote Classes at any time.
    2. We hope that this will help with the financial uncertainty that many families find themselves in at the moment.
    3. This drop-in option also allows new students to try out our Live Classes without any commitment.
    4. Private lessons are starting at $30 per 30 minutes
  • Payment is due before each class, so select [Pay by Credit Card] or [Pay at Office]…
    • Pay by Credit Card – use your Visa or MasterCard online (either your card stored on your account or using an alternate card for a one-time payment), or
    • Pay at Office – then send an e-interac to which will then be applied to your class.
  • You can choose to enrol in the class one month at a time by selecting the dates for the current month and then paying only for those classes.
    • Just remember to enrol again at the start of the next month.

5. Connect to your Live Class

  • When you log in to your account next time, or view your Home page, you will now see your Class zoom link.
Click on the Zoom link from your online account to join the live class
  • The Class Location shows the link to your Zoom Class (i.e. Mr Carney’s Zoom [B1])
  • Click the Class Location link to join the Zoom class on the day/time.
  • You can also see your Zoom Class links by selecting the “View All My Classes” link from your Home page.
Each Class Location is now a Zoom link – Just click it to join the live class
  • Reminders will be sent automatically by the system the day before your class, but you must connect through the Class Location link in your online account.

We will continue in this way until we are able to open

  • We will be adding more classes and teachers as feasible each week to the live class options.
  • The schedule will be adjusted once we understand better how many students will be connecting with us on a regular basis.
  • We will also keep the FVAD Online Class List blog post up-to-date
    • This links to the latest Remote Classes (recorded since April) and In-Studio Classes (from March), so that you can easily check to see what recorded classes are available.

As always, please contact Mrs. Carney at or 604-751-3981 if you have any questions, or need any help with any of this process. 

  • It is new to all of us, so do not worry if you have difficulties. 
  • We will help each other to get through this new online learning, as with everything else that we do together!