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New Dress Codes for 2018 June 14, 2018

We're very excited to announce our new dress codes for 2018! In 2017, we introduced new leotards and colours for Ballet 4, Ballet 6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced ballet.  For...

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What happens in Production Week? June 13, 2018

For our families new to our school, understanding ahead-of-time just what happens in Production Week will make the whole experience much less daunting the first time through it! In the days...

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School Show 2018 Performance Handbook June 8, 2018

Parents, students and volunteers will learn all they need to know about how to navigate our upcoming shows without School Show 2018 Performance Handbook. Performance Handbook 2018 (last updated June 8,...

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Teachers 2018-19 April 24, 2018

We have now confirmed (most) of our teachers 2018-19!  As with many new school years, we are so pleased to welcome back our returning teachers, and to introduce new additions to...

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Class Schedule 2018-19 April 21, 2018

The Class Schedule 2018-19 is now available to view or print from our Class Schedules page. Students currently enrolled will shortly receive information regarding their Pre-Approved Class List and how to...

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Surrey Festival 2018 3rd place 15 year olds April 19, 2018

Our Pre-Professional Academy Level III student Ann Li Jie earned Surrey Festival 2018 3rd place 15 year olds for her jazz solo 'Jumpin Jack' choreographed by Miss Catherine. Enjoy more...

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