News Welcome to our August summer sessions 2023!  Join us for one or more weeks of ballet intensives and dance camps.  Drop-ins available.

Welcome to our August summer sessions 2023

August 6, 2023

Welcome to our August Summer Sessions 2023!  Join us for 1-4 weeks of ballet intensives and dance camps for ages 3+.  Drop-in classes available.

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For detailed daily schedules, plus drop-in options, visit our Class Schedules page:

Here are a few notes to help you through your week(s)….

Classes are Monday to Friday. 

  • Classes begin at 9am for Ballet Intensives (weeks 1-3)
  • Classes begin at 8:30am for our Tiny Tots Dance and Junior Dance Camp (week 4).

The school will open 30 minutes before the first class each day:

  • Opening at 8:30am daily (weeks 1-3) and 8am (week 4)
  • Ballet Intensive students should arrive 10-15 minutes before class to gently stretch and warm-up before class.
  • Please collect your child within 30 minutes of the end of the last class each day.
  • Please visit the office if you have any questions, and for payments or dance wear.
  • If you have not already paid your summer tuition, please do so before your first class.

Classes are in Studio A (ground floor) and Studio B (upper floor):

  • Ballet Intensive Level B begins in Studio B (9am-5pm) Aug 7-11, 14-18, 21-25
  • Ballet Intensive Level A begins in Studio A (9am-5pm) Aug 7-11, 14-18, 21-25
  • Tiny Tots Dance Camp (age 3-5) is in Studio A (8:30am-9:30am) Aug 28-Sep 1
  • Junior Dance Camp (age 5-9) is in Studio A (8:30am-4:30pm) Aug 28-Sep 1
  • New families – please introduce yourselves at the office when you first arrive at the school. 🙂

Please remember to pack healthy snacks, water bottles and a healthy lunch (for those with us all day)

  • Always avoid sugary drinks & processed foods as they will not give you the proper nutrition or energy you need for your day!
  • Don’t forget your cutlery if you are bringing food that needs a spoon or fork.
  • Avoid bringing nuts at the school as some students have severe nut allergies.
  • We have a filtered water fountain and water-bottle filling station in the lobby so you don’t need to bring all the water needed for the day…just a small bottle will be fine. 🙂
  • We have a very small fridge available, so it is best to pack a lunch that doesn’t need to be cooled, or use insulated lunch bags.

Dress codes in summer are more casual than the school year.

  • Please view our dress codes  (
    • Scroll to the bottom of that page for summer session information
  • ONLY clean indoor shoes or other dance shoes are permitted in the studio.
  • Shoes worn outside must not be worn inside the studio.
  • Ballet Intensives:
    • Also bring socks (ankle or any type), a t-shirt or hoodie to protect your shoulders during floor work, and a resistance band.  Black shorts are optional for contemporary/modern.
    • Ballet skirts are optional.
    • Non-latex Therabands in red (medium) or green (heavy) can be purchased at the office.
    • Please remember your ballet slippers and pointe shoes (if on pointe).
  • Tiny Tots and Junior Dance Camps
      • Please wear leotard and ballet tights, if possible.  Ballet skirts are optional.
      • Shorts or leggings with fitted tops can be worn if you don’t have any dance-wear.
      • We do sell used dance-wear at the office, and have some sizes of used ballet slippers available to borrow.

Performances for Friends & Family

  • Ballet Intensives have observation classes all day on Fridays Aug 11, 18, and 25.
  • Tiny Tots Camp observation class is 8:30am on Friday, Sep 1.
  • Junior Dance Camp observation classes are 9:30-4:30pm on Friday, Sep 1.

We are so pleased to welcome everyone to a second ‘normal’ August summer sessions since the pandemic.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us or drop by the office for a chat.  We’re here to help! 🙂