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Ballet 1 Foundation Classes

May 26, 2020

In preparation for our re-opening, we are pleased to introduce our new Ballet 1 Foundation Classes. These are specifically designed for 5-7 year olds who would like to enter our main Ballet program. These classes will replace all Primary School classes for 2020-21.

A Stepping Stone to Ballet 1

Combining elements of Pre-Primary and Primary ballet, the Foundation classes are the stepping stones into Ballet 1.

Students are generally 7 years old in Ballet 1, and on average progress one level per year from Ballet 1 to Ballet 10.

Ballet 1 students in class

Students may enrol in the Ballet 1 Foundation classes in our live online sessions, or take them as pre-recorded online classes at any time. This will allow students to prepare and progress at their own speed, before joining an in-studio class.

Primary School classes on hold

With little chance of effective physical distancing possible for very young children in an active studio environment, we are cancelling all Primary School classes for 2020-21. This includes all Pre-School Dance 1, Pre-School Dance 2, Pre-Primary and Primary classes.

Primary School Classes will not currently be possible in 2020-21

However, while many children under age 7 may not be able to follow the new school rules required for us to re-open, along with the in-class instructions, we do not wish to limit access to students who are ready to join.

Our new Ballet 1 Foundation classes are aimed at 5-7 year olds who would otherwise be in our Primary School classes, and who display the personality traits needed for the new school environment.

Limited Acceptance for ages 5-7

Due to the strict health-and-safety policies that will be in place as we reach our Re-Opening Plan Phase 3 (classes up to 4 students), we must be absolutely certain that all students are able and willing to follow all rules in the school.

We simply cannot risk the health of others by introducing anyone into the school who may not be prepared or able to follow the necessary rules.

Online training, as well as auditions, will continue in 2020-21

Online auditions for all new students

Before accepting a new student into our school in person, our recorded online classes will be used as a form of introduction and audition.

All potential new students will need to take class online at least once with a teacher before being permitted to try an in-studio class. These auditions will apply equally to all levels, but are particularly important for our younger students due to their age.

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