Re-Opening Plan - Phase 3 Continued

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Following guidance available from the BC Health OfficerFraser Health Authority, and WorkSafeBC, we have  defined our FVAD Re-Opening Plan.

In line with our provincial government’s plans, we are taking a four-phase approach to re-opening our school. All phases rely on the success of the previous phase, as well as the success of the overall BC re-opening plans. Each Phase includes its own COVID-19 Safety Plan, within the overall FVAD Re-Opening Plan.

Phase 3 – In-Studio Classes for 1-4 students

In Phase 3 Continued, we return to in-studio classes for 1-4 students, while continuing our Phase 1 pre-recorded online classes.  Following the guidance on the BC Govt website, we moved out of Phase 3 Limited (private lessons only) and back into our previous Phase 3 on Nov 21.

[Updated Nov 23, 2020]: There has been a question raised by Fraser Health Authority concerning the statement on the BC Gov website Nov 19 (above) which stated that dance studios are permitted to re-open while new guidance is being developed.  They are currently awaiting clarification from PHO to determine if this statement was written in error.  We will return to Phase 3 – Limited (private lessons and online pre-recorded classes) if Fraser Health confirms that the statement was in fact inaccurate.

Re-Opening Phase 3: In-Studio Classes

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FVAD Re-opening Plan




november 21 (Saturday) - 23 (Monday)(GMT+00:00)