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Re-Opening Phase 3: In-Studio Classes

June 28, 2020

We are now preparing for our Re-Opening Phase 3: in-studio classes. Phase 3 classes allow for up to 4 students per class starting July 6.

Pre-approvals have been made based on our recent classes 2020 survey responses

  • Students with pre-approvals now have priority enrolment until July 2.
  • The remaining 2019-20 students may be pre-approved from July 3.
  • New students may be pre-approved from July 5.

There are two seasons of classes for the summer weeks

  • July 2020 Classes:  Jul 6 to Aug 1
  • August 2-9: school is closed
  • August 2020 Classes: Aug 10 to Sep 5

Classes are date-specific, so families can enrol in one or more classes

  •  The two seasons of classes to allow for separate payments.
  • Payments for July classes are due upon enrolment.  
  • Payments for August classes are due on August 1.

Ballet Pre-Primary & Primary may try a Ballet 1 Foundation class

  • Students must take an in-studio class before their current level can be confirmed.
  • Students will be pre-approved for all available Ballet 1 Foundation classes.  
  • Please select just one class to begin with, to allow other students a chance to enrol too.
  • Some of our younger students will find the new safety protocols too challenging and will need to wait until a later date.

Ballet 1-7 students should take two ballet classes per week

  • We will relax this requirement for the July-August classes. 
  • Students who want two classes per week will have priority over those wanting only one. 

Private Lessons are available with Mr Carney and Miss Seira

  • We can offer private lessons for 1-4 students in early afternoon hours.
  • Fees per student are scaled, so one student pays the full fee, but four students would each pay the same rate as a regular class.
  • If there is a specific class you and your friends would like during these summer months, we can set it up during a private lesson time.
  • Fees are noted in the online Class Descriptions for the Private Lessons.

View the printable class schedule to see the full schedule of all classes.

  • During pre-approvals, you can only see the  classes online that have been pre-approved for you. 
  • Visit Class Schedules to view all classes for July-August 2020

If you have not been pre-approved for a class you wish to take, please let us know.