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FVAD Classes Online

March 29, 2020

To our FVAD families:

The FVAD Classes online gallery is open!  

  • The first classes of our in-studio videos are available to our students and their families.
  • We plan to add 4-5 classes per day, to offer a total of about 75 classes.
  • We hope they help to stay connected and to keep active.

Who can access the gallery?

The FVAD Classes gallery is being provided only for FVAD families.

  • Please respect the privacy of all of our students by not sharing access to these videos beyond your families and other close relatives.
  • Our families can always watch classes through our viewing windows and doors anytime.
  • The same is not true of the general public.
  • We wouldn’t invite the general public in to watch a full class at school, and so we wouldn’t do it online either.

What if my class is missing?

We will continue to upload classes daily until we have as many available as possible.

  • The videos are downloaded in 1-3 minute segments, merged together, edited, and uploaded.
  • Each class takes about 1.5 hours to complete, so please be patient!

All classes are being edited to remove as much personal or non-class discussions as possible.

  • As this is very time-consuming, some sections may be overlooked.
  • If you find anything that you feel should really be removed, please let us know so that we can address it.
  • Unfortunately, there has been considerable interference in our Studio C camera recordings, so we don’t have those full classes in many cases. 
  • We will still upload those clips that do exist from Studio C.

Can we search in the video gallery?

There is a search bar at the top of the gallery page which allows you to search based on the titles.

  • All videos are being named “FVAD <year> – <day> <classname>”, such as “FVAD 2020 – Monday Ballet 8-10a”.
  • You can search by year, day, style or level, such as 2020, Monday, Ballet or 8-10a.
  • You do need to enter 3 character for the search to start showing a drop-down list of videos.
  • You can also use the previous and next arrows at each end of the thumbnails above the larger video.

How should we use these videos?

All students can follow along with their class, or a similar class until theirs is online.

  • Students in Ballet 1 and above should try to do their class barre work and/or conditioning class every day.
  • Students in Ballet 4 and above should do their class barre work and a contemporary warm-up every day.
  • Musicals students should practice their song-and-dance and acting segments as often as possible.
  • Students can watch themselves in class to identify what they do well, and where they need to improve.
  • Students can learn about classes they may not have taken before, such as Conditioning, National, or Contemporary.

Adjust movements as needed for smaller spaces at home.

  • Take care to avoid large jumps or travelling sections in smaller spaces at home.
  • Be aware that your home floor may not be as sprung as the studio floor.
  • Limit jumps on any very hard surface (such as concrete) as this may cause shin-splints and other injury.
  • Students should not try to do classes too far above their current level, as safe training requires a steady progression through each level.
  • Common sense will no doubt prevail! 🙂

Are we paying for these classes?

No.  There is no charge for our families to view any of these classes, as often as they wish.

Can we offer payment?

Yes.  We have added a Donate button on our Gallery pages, or you can use your online accounts.

  • Anyone can donate any amount using the Donate button to help with our school’s ongoing overheads during the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • FVAD Families can also make a payment through their FVAD online account.
  • FVAD Families can also donate back any credit on their account.
    • Many families have a credit in their account from March. 
    • If you log in and your Total Balance is a negative number, then you have a credit. 
    • You can donate back some or all of your credit by emailing to indicate how much of your credit you wish to donate back.

How do we access the gallery?

FVAD families please check your email, or contact the office, for the access code.

You can find the FVAD Classes video gallery from our Gallery page:

  • Select “Enjoy our Videos” link.
  • Scroll to the bottom to select the “FVAD Classes” link.
  • Enter your Access Code.
Click image above to go to our Video Gallery

Hint: If you have a Vimeo account (it’s free), you may also add your favourite classes to your own collection for quick access anytime through the Vimeo app.

We hope you will enjoy these class videos! 🙂