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FVAD Remote Classes

April 8, 2020

We hope you are all keeping well and staying healthy.

It has been wonderful to hear that students have been enjoying our free online Virtual Classes!

  • We have over 30 Virtual Classes in the “FVAD Classes” gallery, and continue to add more each day.

We now have a new gallery called “FVAD Remote Classes”.

  • Remote Classes are similar to Virtual Classes, but instead of pre-recorded in-studio classes, they are presented at home by a teacher.
  • They are being created for a variety of levels (particularly for Ballet 1 & 2 who are missing many of their Virtual Classes!)
  • We will be adding classes as often as possible, dated for the Monday of each week.
  • Students in Ballet 7-10 should do their contemporary warm-up stretches first, then follow the Remote class(es) for their level.
  • Each week, students may then join a Live session (coming soon!) to receive corrections from the teacher and connect with their class.
  • We will be sending out another email about Live Classes and schedules.

To access our Remote Classes….

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “FVAD Remote Classes”.
  • Hint: refresh your browser page if you don’t see the new gallery
  • As there are no students in these videos, feel free to share this gallery with your friends.
  • Everyone is welcome to enjoy these classes!
  • Note: the associated live Zoom classes will be limited to our registered students.

As with our Virtual Classes, we are offering Remote Classes for free to help all students keep fit and stay active until we can return to the studios.

If you would like to make a donation…

  • Click the PayPal Donate button at the top of the Video Gallery page
  • Send an e-transfer to
  • FVAD Families can also make a payment through their online account, or by donating any credit on their account.

We have also started sharing photos of our students taking class at home, to inspire others…

  • Please send us your photos and we’ll share them too!
  • Email to, send via FB Messenger, or tag in Instagram as #fvadathome
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we are posting daily (@fvadance).

In summary, we now have three types of online classes being prepared…

  • Our Virtual Classes are being uploaded daily, pre-recorded in the studios before March break.   
  • Our Remote Classes are being created now, to provide new classes weekly with a teacher.
  • Our Live Classes (coming next!) will supplement each week of Remote Classes, offering a connection with the teacher and corrections for the students.

We hope that students enjoy our various class options, in addition to the many hours of classes now available online from across the globe. 🙂

Take care, stay safe, and keep active!