Performers’ Corner

Learn more about our performances, past and present, including cast lists, rehearsal schedules and all behind-the-scenes information in our performances blog.

What happens in Production Week? June 13, 2018

For our families new to our school, understanding ahead-of-time just what happens in Production Week will make the whole experience much less daunting the first time through it! In the days...

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School Show 2018 Performance Handbook June 8, 2018

Parents, students and volunteers will learn all they need to know about how to navigate our upcoming shows without School Show 2018 Performance Handbook. Performance Handbook 2018 (last updated June 8,...

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School Show 2018 Hair Makeup Footwear

Please refer to the information in the link below for School Show 2018 hair makeup footwear requirements for the Junior School Show and Senior School Show 2018. School Shows 2018 -...

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School Show 2018 Production Week Schedules May 29, 2018

View our School Show 2018 Production Week Schedules for June 18-23 to know when and where we rehearse for the School Shows. It's nearly time for our School Shows at the...

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School Show 2018 Cast Lists May 10, 2018

Our Annual School Performances are Saturday, June 23, 2018 at the Clarke Theatre.    Check the School Show 2018 cast lists below to know who is performing in which role in...

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Surrey Festival 2018 Preparation March 28, 2018

Our Pre-Professional Academy students are busy preparing for their upcoming performances at the Surrey Festival of Dance in April 2018.  Come out and enjoy their performances at the Surrey Arts Centre....

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