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Free school show tickets

May 22, 2019

We’re very pleased to announce that we are now offering more free school show tickets!  Purchase your tickets for one school show and you can request up to the same number of tickets for the second show.

We normally offer free tickets to our students, as well as to families with a child performing in both shows.  However, each year we have more families, particularly in the Junior School Show, wishing to enjoy the Senior School Show.  To encourage this further, we now invite any ticket-holders to come back to enjoy a second show!

How to receive your free school show tickets

To obtain your free tickets, simply purchase your tickets to one school show, then contact the FVAD office from June 1 to receive your free ticket(s) to the other school show.

You can also obtain your free tickets from the Clarke Theatre box office on the day by presenting your purchased show tickets, if seats are still available.

If you have already purchased tickets to both shows, please contact the office for a partial refund.

While there are 702 seats in the Clarke Theatre, we do ask that you only request free tickets for your family or friends who plan to attend the second show.  Kindly refrain from blocking seats that won’t be used, or let the office know to release them for others if you know someone will not be attending.

To allow families with children in each show to have a chance to purchase preferred seats, the free tickets will not be provided until after June 1, except for families with a child or children performing in both shows.  These families can request the second show tickets from the office at any time.