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How do I enrol in Pre-Approved Classes?

April 14, 2016

To enrol in your Pre-Approved Classes:

  1. Log in to your online account.
  2. Click on “Enroll in my Pre-Approved Classes.
  3. Review the list of classes for each student.
  4. Select the check-box under Enroll for each class you wish to enroll in.
  5. Select the “Enroll” button.
  6. Complete the checkout (see the instructions in How to Enrol in a Class)

When reviewing class options, please note the following:

   1. Pre-School Dance and Ballet Pre-Primary students without Pre-Approved Classes may enrol by age: Pre-School 1 Dance is ages 3-4, Pre-School 2 Dance is ages 4-5, Ballet Pre-Primary is age 5 or a student age 4 who has taken at least 2 sessions of Pre-School 2 Dance.

  2. Ballet Pre-Primary and Primary pre-approved classes list all available classes.  Students are only expected to take one class per week; two is optional.

   3. Ballet 1-5 list 2 or more possible classes each:  Two classes are required each week. Students must select an ‘a’ and a ‘b’ class to ensure balanced training each week, and participation in the school show.

   4. Ballet 6-10: All classes at these levels are recommended (but optional) each week.

   5. Modern-Jazz and Contemporary:  Ballet is required for Modern-Jazz and Contemporary due to the complexity and technical vocabulary of the training.  With only one class each week, there is not time to also teach the core ballet steps that form the base technique.

   6. Pointe 5: This is the pointe preparation class to determine if students may later go on pointe.  Students do not wear pointe shoes at this level, and should never purchase pointe shoes until instructed to do so by the school.

   7. Pointe 6: This is the beginner pointe class for students approved for pointe work in Ballet 6.  DO NOT PURCHASE POINTE SHOES.  Students will be taken to a specialized pointe shoe store with their teacher in September to purchase the correct shoes.

   8. Pointe 5-10: Students must always take the ballet class prior to a pointe class in order to be properly warmed up.  This is essential for injury prevention.  Fixed-formed pointe shoes such as Gaynor Minden’s are not allowed at the Academy, due to the opposing foot movement of this type of shoe that weakens rather than strengthens the foot.

   9. Academy Programs: Students taking the core classes at their level in Ballet 1-6 will be invited to the Academy Program, receiving additional Master Classes with Mr. Carney.

Learn more: Why train in our Academy Programs?

   10. Pre-Professional Academy: Students must take all Academy classes for their level, plus all ballet, pointe, contemporary and modern classes in the afternoon/evening.  All classes are included in the PPA tuition.

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   11. Musicals vs Musical Theatre: Musical Theatre is a single one-hour class combining singing, acting and dancing on Tuesdays.  Musicals is the full Musicals program which includes classes of Acting, Chorus and Showtime!. Students in Musicals must be able to commit to a minimum of 3.75 hrs of classes on Fridays.  All students perform in our annual Musical, but the Musical Theatre classes have a smaller role, normally performing in just one or two scenes.

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