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National Ballet School invites two FVAD students

October 29, 2022

Canada’s National Ballet School invites two FVAD students for Summer 2023 following auditions in Vancouver!

Victoria Vrabec and Aliana Darbey of Fraser Valley Academy of Dance were among the very few who qualified for Canada’s National Ballet School summer session following their successful auditions.

Only 150 of over 1000 hopeful students are invited to attend the summer school.   Of those, around 50 will be asked to join the full-time, NBS Professional Ballet Program.

Two FVAD alumni, Anna Neudorf and Andrew Delves, are currently training full-time at NBS having received invitations in 2018.   Anna moved to NBS in Toronto that year, while  Andrew chose to remain training with Mr. Carney at FVAD until he was slightly older.   Several other FVAD students have also been invited to the NBS Professional Ballet Program in past years.

Being accepted into the summer school is only the 1st stage in what will be an ongoing audition process. The 2nd stage is making it through the summer school and being invited to a school’s Professional Ballet Program. Even then, students are continually assessed during the full-time program. If the student demonstrates progress and a healthy work ethic, he or she will be invited back for another year.

The National Ballet School has long offered elite training programs for students who wish to pursue a career in dance.  If accepted after the summer school 2nd stage audition, students are invited from academic Grade 6 to 12 to train full-time with the school.  Students live in residence and participate in a half-day academic program which enables them to train additional hours per day in ballet.

If a student graduates from the full-time program, the chances of employment are very good as 95% of NBS graduates find work in Canada or abroad.

To prepare for these full-time programs, Fraser Valley Academy of Dance provides students with an ideal opportunity for high-quality training with the Pre-Professional Academy program. Artistic Director John Carney invites potential students into the Academy program, and oversees their pre-professional training from that point.

With so many students successful in their auditions with top ballet company schools, the results speak for themselves.  The quality of training and calibre of teaching at the Academy is exceptional, not only for a small town like Mission, or within the Fraser Valley, but across Canada.

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