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What is Production Week?

May 25, 2016

Production Week is the week leading up to a main performance.  

For the Annual School Show, Production Week is between the end of classes (Photo Day weekend) and the School Show.  During the rehearsal days, there are no classes.  We concentrate on rehearsing for the school shows, practicing any quick-changes, and ensuring all costumes, props and accessories are ready for the shows.

For 2023, Production Week is June 21-24 and Photo Day is June 17.

  • There are classes June 17-20, but no classes June 21-24.

We rehearse the School Show dances each day noted in the Rehearsal Schedules.

For Rehearsal Days at FVAD…

  • Our Studio A is transformed into our backstage dressing area, and is set up exactly as it will be backstage at the theatre.  This allows students to become comfortable with what will happen backstage.
  • Our Studio B is transformed into our stage, so that students become familiar with the theatre stage concepts such as Stage Left, Stage Right and the Quick-Change Booth.  They learn where to enter and exit for their dance, as well as general spacing of each dance.  We will adjust this for the stage once we arrive at the theatre for the theatre dress rehearsal.
  • On day one, we have all students in costumes for their rehearsal.  If there are no issues with their costumes, they will rehearse without costume (in their class dance wear) for the next day (if the show is rehearsed more than one day at FVAD).  This allows more of their scheduled rehearsal time to be used for rehearsing as we don’t have to use time to change into and out of costumes.
  • Students with quick-changes rehearse every day in their costumes so that they and our quick-change helpers become very comfortable with their costume changes.  Students who have quick-changes will be informed before Production Week.

For Rehearsal Days at the Clarke Theatre…

  • It is essential that students attend the theatre dress rehearsal so that students are aware of where they need to be.
  • This is the time when teachers will adjust the spacing of the dance to fit the larger theatre stage, so it is very important that all students are present.

On Saturday, it is finally time for the show!  

  • The School Show is approximately 2.5 hours from 1pm-3:30pm with two intermissions.

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