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Save 10% at Discount Dance Supply!

October 2, 2015

Support the Academy and save 10% at Discount Dance Supply.

To buy online directly at Discount Dance Supply, use our Studio Code  46529 at checkout and start saving today!

DiscountDanceSupply - Discount Code 10%

Enter our Studio Code 46529 at checkout and receive 10% off your first purchase, and 5% off each additional purchase.

And without our added expenses of commercial importing which includes Canadian Import Duties, US Import Fees, Collection Costs, and Taxes, your savings can be considerable.  

You will find all of our Academy shop supplies at Discount Dance Supply, plus so much more that we couldn’t possibly fit in the school!

Plus, every purchase made with the Studio Code 46529 results in a commission paid back to the Academy.  So thank you in advance!

If the items you want can’t be shipped to Canada, simply click on the Canadian flag at the top of your screen on the Discount Dance Supply website to change to a US User.  You can also select the International Visitors link at the bottom of their website page.  Then ship to a US parcel pick-up location such as My Ship Happens.