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School Photo Days with Revival Arts

May 17, 2016
Find out everything you need to know to navigate our school photo days with revival arts photography….

When is School Photo Day?

Each year in June, on the weekend before our school performances, we hold our School Photo Days.  Check the Events listings for the dates and for the schedule.  All classes have a scheduled group photo time, as well as time for individual photographs.

Carissa SoAB 2015 (s)Pre-schoolers 2015

Who is the photographer?

Our photographers are the award-winning Revival Arts, so you know your child’s photographs are being handled by the best!   Jason Brown was awarded Commercial Photographer of the Year in 2014 and 2015, as well as British Columbia Photographer of the Year in 2014, by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Traditional Learning 2016

Photographs by Revival Arts

Priority Reg 2016 - FB 2


Who should attend School Photo Day?

All students are encouraged to attend School Photo Day to be in their class photo.  There is no charge to be in this group photo, and it is a wonderful record of each class.   In order to have an individual image taken, students must have an order form with payment to give to the photographer on the day.  Additional prints and other items can be ordered after the fact, but only if a photograph has been ordered and taken on the day.

What do students wear on School Photo Day?

Students should wear or bring whatever items are required for their dance in terms of shoes, tights, socks or second-skins.   This information can be found through the Performers Information link in the Event listing for their performance.  We recommend that younger students arrive for Photo Day dressed as for their dance class.  This ensures that they have their shoes and tights as needed for their photo.

Parents will bring the students into Studio A, which has by then been transformed into our backstage dressing area. Boys go upstairs into their special change-room.

Order forms can be handed to us at this time, or given directly to the photographer upstairs.

We change students into their costume (moms are welcome to help!) and escort them upstairs to Studio B where the photographer will be set up.  Order forms are handed to the photographer at this point.  Parents are not permitted to stay in the studio while the photos are being taken as it generally distracts the students, delaying the process.

Once photos are taken, students are brought back into Studio A where they are changed out of costume.  If they have another dance photo to take, we change them into their next costume.  If not, they are free to leave once they have been collected by their parent.

What is the Photo Day Schedule?

A Photo Day Schedule will be included in the Event listing for the School Photo Days, so that you know exactly what time to bring your child.

Are classes running that Saturday?

All classes run as usual on the Photo Day Saturday as the photography session begins in the afternoon.  Our younger students are generally all on the Sunday.

Do I need an Order Form?

You will find an order form in the Event listing for the School Photo Day.  Please print off an order form for each dance for you wish to purchase a photo.  As a general guide, your child needs another order form for each costume that they wear. Order forms will also be available from the office.