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School Shows – Being a Student Helper

June 20, 2016

Student helpers play a very important role in our Academy performances.

In the Primary School Show, we assign two helpers to every class.  They are their helpers for the whole week, helping them change into and out of costume, making sure that they are in the right place at the right time, keeping them occupied with games, colouring, stories or practising their dance. They accompany their class to the bathroom, and make sure that they have water or snack breaks as needed.  At least one of the helpers will be on stage with the class, especially for the youngest classes.

Student helpers become big sisters (or big brothers) to our younger students, creating an even more close-knit community within our Academy.  We love this aspect of Production Week!

Student helpers are invited from students in Grades 4 Ballet and above.  The list of assigned helpers for each class can be found in the Event Listing for the Primary School Show.

If you are a student helper, check the list to be sure you know your class.  Then check the cast list to learn the names of your students.

If you are a student helper, or are considering being one, please read School Shows – Student Helper Instructions thoroughly so that you know what is involved.  It is a very responsible job and you must take it very seriously!