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Summer Week 3 – A Very Eventful Week!

August 21, 2015

We were joined by another fabulous set of students for our third week of FVAD Summer Ballet Intensives, but Summer Week 3 did not turn out quite as planned…

Ballet Intensives 2015 Wk3

As we were preparing for the end-of-the-week performance for family and friends, we had to evacuate the building due to an incident in our block.  But the show must go on! We evacuated everyone and then continued with our performance!

We were absolutely amazed by the support of local businesses and everyone around us who made a potentially stressful day into yet another happy day at FVAD!

Evac Day 3 Evac Day 2 Evac Day 1Evac Day 4 Evac Day 5 Evac Day 6

A huge thank you to:

  • Gold Bin Jewellers for offering help to evacuate and making sure we were all ok.
    MTF on First Avenue (and Mrs Delves!) for helping with snacks.
  • Sue’s Copy Place for providing toys, paper and pens for our students.
  • Rhett Nicholson for being absolutely amazing with our students.
  • The Reptile Guy Rescue and Education Center
    for offering free admission to all of us in case we needed something to do.
  • Mission RCMP for coordinating everything, keeping us all safe, and arresting the suspect.
  • Our wonderful teachers for keeping everyone calm (and picking up the soft blankets on the way out the door)
  • Our amazing students and parents for being so supportive and flexible in what could have been a very difficult situation. 

And with everything happening, our fabulous students still went ahead as best they could with their performance for families and friends in the narrow hallway outside Sue’s Copy Place. The show must go on!

To finish of the Week 3 session properly, our students came back after Week 4 to have their own proper costumed performance for friends and family.  Two hours of rehearsals and costume checks, and then an absolutely fabulous set of dances.  We’re so proud of all our Summer Week 3 students and teachers!


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