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When do we receive Report Cards?

January 1, 2016

Report Cards are sent out twice each year following our internal class assessments which occur in November and in March.

Entering the assessments for each student in each class is a completely manual task, so there is a delay of several weeks between assessments and report cards. Once the results from each teacher’s class for each student have been recorded into our online system, we can generate the report cards. This is normally 2-3 weeks after the assessment week.

Report cards are emailed to each family with an email on file.  Anyone without an email address, or with their account set to not receive emails, will receive a printed copy in the mail.

The Fall Term report cards are available by January.  These are very helpful in identifying issues early in the year that might affect the ability for a student to move up a level the following year, such as low attendance or other difficulties in class. The Fall Term report card provides an opportunity for families to address and correct issues while there is still time.

The Spring Term report cards are available in April.  These reports provide us with the information needed to place students into their class levels for the next school year.