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FVAD second-hand dance-wear

August 13, 2016

FVAD second-hand dance-wear

We sell second-hand dance-wear on consignment at the Academy.  We always do our best to keep the cost of dance training as low as possible, and to reduce waste wherever we can.  Any of our dress code leotards, jazz shoes and character shoes, plus all outer wear that we sell (hoodies, shorts, skirts, leg warmers, sweater wraps, etc) can be brought in to the office for re-sale.  For hygiene reasons, we do not resell tights.

Once the item sells, the credit is put on the family’s account minus a small mark-up.  

For ballet slippers and toe pads or half-shoes, which have less of a resale life, we maintain a swap-box of used shoes.  Just swap your old pair for another set that fits.  The swap-box is also very handy when students forget their ballet slippers – as they will inevitably do.  The swap-box was on hold during the initial months of the pandemic, but it is available once again for 2022-23.

Please note that once a family is no longer enrolled at the school for more than three months, any items they have left for resale may be donated to the FVAD Scholarship Fund to be given to a family in need.  Items sold within that three month period will be credited to their account.

There are so many benefits to organizing these second-hand items for sale, and we’re pleased to facilitate the process for everyone.  You just have to remember to bring in your old items for resale – we’ll do the rest!

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