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New Class Levels

April 4, 2019
We are pleased to announce the completion of our new class levels!

A few years ago, we began to define the FVAD Syllabus for all levels, incorporating the British Royal Ballet School and Russian Vaganova Academy styles of training with the Royal Academy of Dance base syllabus.  The result has been a much more advanced syllabus than in previous years, with enhanced skills at each level.  As a result, it was necessary to re-label our class levels so that there was no confusion between our class levels and other studio ballet grades.

Pre-School to Primary

Students begin training at age 3, or whenever ready to follow instructions in a class setting, in our Pre-School Dance 1 sessions.  Following Pre-School 2 Dance at age 4, students are generally ready at age 5 to enter Ballet Pre-Primary, then Ballet Primary.  By age 7, formal foundation ballet training begins with Ballet 1.  These ages are only guidelines as we assess each child individually.

Ballet Levels 1-10

After Ballet Primary, students progress through the FVAD graded syllabus starting with Ballet 1, at age 6-7, and continuing to Ballet 10 at age 16+.  Ballet 7 is comparable to our previous Intermediate Foundation 2; Ballet 10 to Advanced 1-2.

FVAD ballet classes combine the basic RAD syllabus with more advanced open technique of the Russian Vaganova Academy and British Royal Ballet styles.

Students are introduced to National Dance training (European folk dances) at Ballet 1, continuing this essential aspect of classical ballet training in special classes to Ballet 4.

Conditioning (also known as floor barre or Russian gymnastique) is also begun at this level to enhance students’ flexibility and strength required for classical ballet, using age-appropriate exercises.

Students are required to train in a minimum of two ballet classes per week from Ballet 1 and beyond, if they wish to progress each year.  Students are encouraged to take Conditioning and National Dance, and later Contemporary, Pointe and Modern, for complete training at their level.

All New Academy Programs 1-10

The Pre-Professional Academy has existed since 2011.   After increasing success year-on-year (view Student Achievements), and more advanced class training across all lower levels, we have re-vamped the program for 2019-20.  A new Junior Academy Program now exists for students in levels 1 to 3, and a new Senior Academy Program for levels 4 to 6.  In addition, the original PPA levels 1 to 3 are now re-defined as Academy 7 to 10.

To enter the new Junior Academy 1-3 and Senior Academy 4-6, in preparation for the Pre-Professional Academy, students must be enrolled in all classes at their level.  These classes are indicated by the same level number, such as National Dance “2” for Ballet “2” students, or Contemporary “4” for Ballet “4” students.

To enter the new Pre-Professional Academy levels 7 to 10, students must be invited by having Academy 7 to 10 classes included in their Pre-Approved Classes.  New students may audition.  See the links below for more information on all new programs and levels.

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