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New Senior Academy Program

April 3, 2019
We are excited to introduce our new Senior Academy Program for 2019-20!

Academy Programs

As part of our expanding Academy offerings, we now offer three distinct programs:

  • Junior Academy
  • Senior Academy
  • Pre-Professional Academy

Each Academy Program provides full training to ensure that students reach their potential, whether that goal is acceptance into a professional ballet company school or simply to advance furthest in their training.

The Academy Programs begin at Ballet 1 to provide pre-professional training for students with potential for Canada’s National Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and other company-affiliated professional training schools.   Students in Junior and Senior Academy are enrolled in special Master Class with Mr. Carney to monitor their progress towards the Pre-Professional Academy when students reach Ballet 7-10.

Senior Academy

The Senior Academy is for students in Ballet levels 4 to 6.  At each level, there are a set of recommended classes, specifically labelled for their level.   For Ballet 4-6, there are two Ballet classes, Conditioning, and Contemporary at each level, as well as National Dance (4), Pre-Pointe (5) and Pointe+Variations (6).

How to enter the Senior Academy

Upon enrolling in the complete set of classes for their level, students receive an invitation to join the Director’s Master Class for that level.  Upon acceptance of that Master Class invitation, a student is accepted into the Senior Academy program.

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