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Proof of Vaccination – Update

September 11, 2021

We now have clarity for dance studios for the proof of vaccination requirements, as the written public health order was released on Sep 10, 2021…

Proof of Vaccinations:

  • Students under 22 years old do not require proof of vaccination to participate in our classes.
  • Students 22 years and older do require proof of vaccination starting Monday, Sep 13.
  • Families/Visitors age 12+ not enrolled in a class do require proof of vaccination to enter our school building. 
    • We can accommodate all families as before by meeting them at the front door, for those not yet vaccinated or without proof of vaccination.
    • We held classes for over a year without allowing anyone in the school except students and teachers, and we will simply apply that again where needed.
  • Students 12+ performing in our upcoming theatre productions (Diwali Festival Oct 28, Nutcracker Dec 11) do require proof of vaccination to participate.
  • To our best understanding, there are no exemptions to the proof of vaccination where required by the public health order.

Storing Vaccine Status:

  • We can offer the option to store your confirmed status (Partially Vaccinated, Fully Vaccinated) securely in your school account to avoid requiring proof each visit.
  • For those wishing to have their status saved in their account, written approval will be required.  We will email families about this separately.

Vaccine Trackers:

  • More than 4.1 million people in BC age 12+ have had at least one dose of vaccine
    • this is 89.3% of all those eligible in BC
  • More than 29.6 million people in Canada age 12+ have had at least one dose of vaccine
  • More than 6.6 billion doses of covid-19 vaccines have been administered in 184 countries.

(data above as of Oct 21, 2021)

How to get your Vaccine Card….

Follow the link below for more information about the Vaccine Card, and for the “Get The BC Vaccine Card” link…

Once registered using the “Get The BC Vaccine Card” link, you will receive a QR code (like a square barcode) that can be scanned by an app we have now at the school.

  • The QR Code can just be saved to your phone as a photo or screenshot, or printed, or you can request a physical card.
  • There are also options available for anyone who had a vaccination administered in another province or outside of Canada.
  • Government-issued photo id is also required to be shown along with the Vaccine Card for those aged 19+.  Youth aged 12-18 only need their Vaccine Card.
  • No personal data is shared with us other than the vaccine status being confirmed as Partial, Full or No Record.