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When can students register?

January 1, 2016

Existing students can register for the next school year as soon as the schedule is available and pre-approved classes have been completed. This normally occurs by April 15.

New students can register for the next school year from May 1st of the current year. This follows 2-4 weeks of priority registration exclusively open to our existing students, offering them first chance to enrol in their preferred classes.

New and existing students may register for Summer sessions as soon as the schedule is available.  This normally occurs by Feb 15.

Enrolment in any of our Pre-School Sessions can be done at any time up to 6 weeks into each session.

Enrolment in Dance Classes during the school year are accepted until January for new students, depending on the class and level.

Enrolment in the Musical Theatre School is only accepted until September due to the added complexity of casting, character and role assignments, and vocal training.

Enrolment in the Training Choirs is only accepted until November, except in special circumstances.

Placement classes are normally required for students enrolling in Dance Classes above the Primary School ages (3-7).