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When is the new schedule available?

January 1, 2016

The new schedule is available by April 15 for the new school year’s classes.

Producing the schedule is a complicated task as it can involve coordinating with the schedules of other locations where some of our teachers work, as well as determining the best-guess of enrolment for the new year. Class are added to or removed from the schedule based on placements of existing students and the number of new and returning students we expect each year.

As soon as the schedule is complete, it is available in Class Schedules online.

Pre-approved classes are then assigned for each student in their online accounts.

Our existing students have priority registration to select their preferred classes before new students may register on May 1.

The summer schedule is available by March 1.

Registration for summer is then ongoing until the sessions are complete or full.  Fees for our current families for summer sessions are not due until July 1st.  So be sure to register early to secure your space!

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