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Winter holiday renovations

January 3, 2017

What did you do over the holidays?  We organized winter holiday renovations!

Studio A Viewing Area

We built a wall!  We have wanted to offer our families a viewing area for Studio A for many years, and now we have it.  An entry cubicle with two sets of double doors – one set in glass doors – now provides the perfect cloakroom as well as a large viewing area so everyone can enjoy class!

Superior Sound-Proofing

With the installation of the new wall across the width of Studio A, and running floor to ceiling with the exceptional sound-reduction insulation and dry-wall, we have finally achieved sound-proofing.  No longer will we struggle to overcome the volume between the lobby, the office and Studio A!

Audio-Video Upgrades

We now have the same high-tech in-wall stereo systems in all three studios, as well as big-screen TVs in all of the waiting areas.  All studios and waiting areas are connected with AppleTVs running iTunes, YouTube and Vimeo, through a wired network back to the office to ensure everyone has access to our most up-to-date music and video libraries.   It’s a high-tech dream setup!

New Office Supply Room

On the other side of our new wall, we created a wonderful new storage space for all of our dance-wear.  Now the office looks like an office.  We even have room for a new table which doubles as a meeting space for families and a coffee area for staff.

New Storage Closet

Some of you may remember our first three years on 1st avenue when the small closet under the stairs was actually the office.  How small it seems now!  For the next few years, it acted as our dance-wear supply room.  Now in our 9th year, it has finally become the supply cupboard that it needs to be, helping us to keep all of our school and cleaning supplies tucked away in one place.