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Class Cancellation

Our class cancellation policies are based on the Consumer Protection BC regulations.  Dance schools in BC are regulated by Consumer Protection BC ( and as such specific class cancellation policies must exist.

Cancellation forms are available on our Resources page.

A full refund of any payment (registration fee, tuition or other payment) received in relation to a program will be given if a Cancellation Form is received within 10 calendar days of enrolling in that program. For cancellation after the initial 10 days, a 30-day written notice of cancellation is required.

Upon cancellation within 10 days of registration:

  • FVAD shall refund all payments made in relation to that program, including otherwise non-refundable registration fees, within 15 days of receipt of the Cancellation Form.

Upon cancellation more than 10 days after registration:

  • Any payments owing before the written notice is given shall be due and payable.
  • Any payments due within the 30-day notice period shall be due and payable.

Upon cancellation in either case:

  • Upon cancellation of enrollment, recurring payments will be cancelled.
  • Credit card and/or bank account information will be deleted from FVAD systems.  The customer will be informed of this once the information has been deleted.
  • Post-dated cheques will be returned to the customer or shredded, per the customer’s instruction.

FVAD reserves the right to cancel or change classes, time and/or teachers without notice.

Classes with fewer than 4 students enrolled may be cancelled.

FVAD reserves the right to refuse services, and to ask clients to leave the school, at the Directors’ discretion.