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Student Appearance

A dance student’s appearance is an important aspect of discipline and training.  Taking care in one’s appearance aids in self-esteem, promotes confidence and increases pride in performances.

A neat student appearance is strictly enforced at FVAD:

  • Hair must be worn neatly up for every class.
  • Short Hair must be pinned back away from the eyes and face.
  • Long Hair must be secured in a bun or french braid off the face and neck.
  • No jewelry or watches are to be worn during dance class, auditions or rehearsals.
  • Refrain from wearing makeup when exercising as it can be unhealthy for your skin.
  •  Street clothing, food, drink (other than water) and gum are not permitted in the studios.

The school is not responsible for any lost jewelry or clothing.

Photography / Video

Fraser Valley Academy of Dance will on occasion in class and at all performances take and use photographs and/or videos students for use in promoting the school its programs, activities or events, including in school publications, newsletters and web pages on the Internet, calendars, occasional news releases or other promotional uses.

Fraser Valley Academy of Dance does not notify students or families or solicit approval or compensate students or families in any way prior to using any such photographs or videos.