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Training at other Dance Studios

To attain a continually higher level of training and quality, it is essential that students and teachers are committed to their classes, rehearsals, and performances at FVAD.  In addition, injuries can only be avoided with a consistent and professional approach to training.  As such, there are restrictions on students’ training at other dance studios while attending FVAD.

FVAD has always been as flexible and as accommodating as possible to allow families to have the ultimate choice in their dance training.  However, as class hours increase, training advances and performances become more frequent with more complexity throughout the year, it has become increasingly difficult to accommodate the schedules or training styles of other dance studios.  Although there are only a small handful of students at any time who choose to attend other studios while training at FVAD, even this small number has become difficult to support.

When students are needed for events or rehearsals at another dance studio, they are unable to honour their prior commitments at FVAD to assist in classes, to train in classes, or to attend rehearsals.  These absences then introduce unnecessary difficulties for teachers who work very hard to prepare students for school performances; they degrade the higher levels of performance that could otherwise have been achieved if everyone had been in attendance; and they are unfair on the other students who need to rehearse or prepare together with their class.

Furthermore, the different approach to training found at other studios often results in conflicts in style as well as in otherwise avoidable injuries.

Regrettably, the only way to avoid these conflicts is to limit students’ involvement at FVAD if they wish to train at another studio in the same year.

While students attending another dance studio may occasionally take certain classes at FVAD upon prior approval, these students will not be entered into exams, nor will they be able to take part in performances or be class assistants, all of which require a 100% commitment.  These are extra benefits that FVAD offers students, above and beyond their class training.

In addition, as Mr. Carney’s Master Classes provide specialized training for students above their current level, students must be fully committed to the Academy.  They must be taking the recommended classes at their ballet level before being accepted into a Master Class.  Students may not attend Mr. Carney’s Master Classes while training at another studio.

While exceptions to these policies may be possible, students needing an exception must obtain prior approval from Mr. Carney.