Our School Policies Striving to deliver the best experience

Class Etiquette

Class etiquette is an important aspect of discipline and training for dance students.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure every student gets the best out of every class.


  • Raise your hand if you need to ask a question.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Students may be asked to observe class if more than 10 minutes late (to avoid injury) or are not in  proper dress code
  • Warm up and stretch out before class.
  • Practice when you are waiting for your turn at the side.
  • Applaud for the teacher after class.
  • Bring band-aids, needle and thread, elastics, and other dance supplies.
  • Bring healthy snacks and beverages, especially if you have rehearsals.
  • Use the wastebaskets and recycling bins.
  • Enjoy your class!


  •  Wear warm-up clothing for class without asking permission.
  • Talk to your friends in class.  You may be asked to leave.
  •  Misbehave or Sit in class.  You may be asked to leave.
  • Bring your cell phone to class.
  • Leave anything in the studio or on the floor.
  •  Eat or Drink in the studio.
  • Chew Gum.

Behaviour and Language

FVAD caters to children of all ages.  Older students are mentors to younger students.  Please remember that improper language and behaviour is inappropriate at all times in our school, during rehearsals, performances and backstage.

Touch in Dance

It is extremely important in all aspects of dance training to incorporate the use of touch in order to teach students how their bodies move.  If a student feels uncomfortable with any aspect of physical contact or touch, they and their parents are encouraged to talk openly to their teacher or to Mr. Carney.