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School Show 2022 performer information

May 5, 2022

School Show 2022 performer information

Find all of the School Show 2022 performer information needed to navigate the production for students, parents and volunteers.  As additional information is available, it will be posted here.

Cast List

The cast list informs students which role they will be performing in and therefore which rehearsals they will need to attend.  It is important for parents and students to read through the full cast list carefully for a student’s name as they are often in more than one role.

Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule lists the date, location and time for each rehearsal and performance during Production Week (June 22 to 25).  Check carefully so you know where to be, and when!

Performance Handbook

The performance handbook provides all of the behind-the-scenes information to navigate your way through production week, including links to the performance casts, rehearsal and performance schedules, maps to the theatre, hair & make-up requirements, and how to behave in the theatre.

For tickets and event details: 

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