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School Show 2023 Performer Information

July 21, 2022

School Show 2023 performer information

Find all of the School Show 2023 performer information needed to navigate the production for students, parents and helpers.  As additional information is available, it will be posted here.

For tickets and event details: 

Performance Information Sheets

The performance handbook provides all of the behind-the-scenes information to navigate your way through production week, including the links to cast lists, and rehearsal and performance schedules found on this page, as well as theatre maps, hair & make-up notes, and theatre etiquette.

Cast List

The cast lists indicate which dance(s) each student is performing in.  This is important so that they know which rehearsals they need to attend.  Parents and students:  please check the cast lists carefully for a student’s name as they may be performing in multiple dances.

Rehearsal & Performance Schedules – June 21-24

The rehearsal & performance schedules lists the date, location and time for each rehearsal and performance during Production Week (June 21 to 24).  There is a page for each day.  Check carefully so you know where to be when as times are not the same for every day.