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New Dress Codes for 2017

April 12, 2017

We’re very excited to announce our new dress codes being introduced over the next two years in wonderfully bright new colours and styles!

For 2017-18, we have new leotards and colours for Grade 4, Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced ballet:

Turquoise leotard for FVAD Grade 4 Ballet 2017-18

Grade 4 (2017) – Turquoise

Raspberry leotard for FVAD Intermediate Ballet 2017-18

Intermediate (2017) – Raspberry

Bright red leotard for FVAD Advanced Ballet 2017-18

Advanced (2017) – Red

Aubergine leotard for FVAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet 2017-18

Inter Foundation (2017) 

Burgundy leotard for FVAD Grade 6 Ballet 2017-18

Grade 6 Ballet (2017) – Maroon

For 2018-19, we will be introducing new dress codes for Primary, Grades 1-3, Grade 5-6, and Intermediate Foundation:

Violette leotard for FVAD Primary Ballet 2018-19

Primary (2018) – Violette

New dress codes: Periwinkle leotard for FVAD Grades 1-2 Ballet 2018-19

Grades 1-2 (2018) – Periwinkle

Turquoise leotard for FVAD Grade 3 Ballet 2018-19

Grade 3-4 (2018) – Turquoise

Ultraviolet leotard for FVAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet 2018-19

Inter Fnd (2018)

Royal Blue leotard for FVAD Ballet 5 Ballet 2018-19

Ballet 5 (2018) – Royal Blue

We are phasing in the new leotard styles for our ballet classes over two years due to our inventory, and to allow families to sell their existing leotards over the next year in our second-hand sales.

Learn more about our dress codes.