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Registration 2017-18

April 11, 2017
Registration 2017-18 begins April 15, and opens for new students on May 1.

Class Schedules

The printable class schedule is now online for viewing.  The online class schedule will be accessible from April 15.  Only classes on a student’s Pre-Approved Class list will be visible during priority registration 2017-18, until May 1 when the schedule opens to new students.

For more information:

When can students register?

When is the new schedule available?

Pre-Approved Classes

Pre-approved classes will appear in your online accounts on April 15.  Until May 1, existing students have Priority Registration to enrol in their preferred classes.  From May 1, new students can register.

For information on pre-approved classes:

What are Pre-Approved Classes?

How do I enrol in Pre-Approved Classes?

How to Enrol in a Class

Class Information

We will be enforcing class size limits strictly this year so please be sure to register early if you are limited to certain days or times.

All Graded ballet classes are now during the week, rather than on Saturday.  There are also four classes (2 a’s and 2 b’s) for every level from Grade 1 to Grade 4 ballet.  Each of these classes will be limited to 10 students.  Students must take 1 ‘a’ and 1 ‘b’.

If space permits, students will be permitted to take more than the required 2 classes once Priority Registration is completed on May 1.

Master Classes

Master Ballet Class with Mr. Carney will now be entered into by audition.  The audition for 2017-18 classes will be held on April 22, 2017.

Dress Codes

All ballet dress codes from Primary to Advanced ballet will be updated over the next two years.  For 2017-18, new leotards exist for Intermediate, Advanced and Grade 6 Ballet levels.


We are very pleased to welcome back our 2016-17 teachers, as well as Miss Catherine and Miss Olena!  Miss Olena will return from maternity leave in November, so her classes will be covered by other teachers in September and October.  As such, teachers who will change classes from November are indicated on the printable schedule by initials in brackets.

Rates & Fees

View our Rates & Fees page for the 2017-18 tuition fees.

Summer fees are listed on the Summer Programs page.

International Student Fees and Homestay Fees can be found on our Resources page.